• Players must follow all Obsidian Fleet's Guidelines, a complete list of Fleet policies can be found here:

• The current rating for this simm is PG-13. This means all players must be 13 years of age, or older.

• All players must respect the individual members of the simm both in game and out of character. While we encourage realistic interactions, any harassment or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

• The Task Force Commanding Officer and Task Force Executive Officer hold final authority in all matters. Players are encouraged to discuss matters with the Command Staff, but after a decision has been made the player must accept the outcome.

• All player characters are considered the work of their creator; no player has permission to use another player’s character or PNPCs without their direct approval. The only exception to this is the Command Staff: TFCO and TFXO; due to their role in the simm they are permit minor use of a character for mission progression.

• Any player who is not logged into the site and/or posted in 2 weeks (14 days) will be required to request a Leave of Absence (LOA). Any Players who will be away from the sim for longer than one calendar month must request an Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA). All LOAs or ELOAs must indicate a return date.

• Players who are on LOA or ELOA are exempt from the posting requirements until they return to the sim.

• No player may seriously harm another character without permission from that player. No player may seriously damage or destroy any part of the ship without permission from the Commanding Officer.

• All subplots must be approved by the TFCO or TFXO to ensure that all suggested subplots do not interfere with the current/planned mission.

• All players are required to handle disputes in OOC fashion. OOC Disagreements will not be carried out “In-Game”. If further help is require involved parties can direct the matter up the Chain of Command to the TFCO or TFXO. Please keep in mind that the Command Staff has the final word in any and all disputes. Please respect their decision and move on. Any player who does not agree with a dispute's outcome may contact assigned fleet’s assigned next chain of command for assistance and will not be penalized.

• This sim runs on a point system, to which assists with positive things like promotions, awards, decorations ect. But the point system also assists with negative aspects like demotions, Letter of Conduct, Letter of Reprimand, and even removal of ship due to point system low. Only the TFCO and TFXO has access to modify the chart and will make any and every effort to make sure all players are treated equally across the board.

No player is allowed to actively recruit players to other games. While friends may invite friends to other games, this must be done on a one on one fashion, and privately. If you are in search of another game to join, please let the command team know, we may have more activity to present to you, or else we may know of other worthy games in our fleet which may be looking for added players. You are not banned from requesting information from your fellow players, just keep in mind, it is considered rude to recruit, or seek other games in a public manner.

Do not save posts without having updated them in some form. While trying to keeping your board clear is understandable, this clutters other players email, as well as makes them believe there is an update they should be looking for. Many players find this as deeply irritating, so please refrain from doing so.

Please participate in community events, such as the OOC Posts or chat rooms if you are able to. We are a community first, writers second. We want to get to know our players! If you have any suggestions or comments that could be added to our game culture, please let us know!